Meet t-Global Technology

t-Global Technology has the best people! We have a great team with a wonderful rapport, who all work hard to get things done, and make a difference for our customers. Our dedication to meeting our customers’ expectations remains our primary purpose.

It may be unusual to have this much fun while at work, but we do. We have a strong coffee culture as well as a respectable selection of teas.  If you’re very lucky indeed, there may even be cake.  If you’re considering joining us or would like to meet one of our Sales Team, we look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Philip Blazdell

With a doctorate in advanced ceramics, Dr. Philip has a passion for thermal management products and solutions that makes his wife jealous, (this from his own mouth.) If you have a project to discuss with complexities or interesting issues, his advice will be invaluable.

Favourite product: The Next One

Duncan Bell

With a career as Royal Air Force engineer, Duncan has a breadth and depth of engineering knowledge and experience that many would envy.  He is a wonderful member of our team to have as a resource for information about materials, technical issues and our solutions – both products and dispensing solutions.

Favourite product: TG-NSP35 – Non-Silicone Thermal Putty

Edward Benson

Edward is our senior application engineer. He has an excellent technical understanding of t-Global Technology’s products. He most enjoys working on projects featuring our dispensing products and tinkering to improve our dispensing solutions. He speaks additional languages including Portuguese.

Favourite product: Dispensing machines and dispensable products

Andrzej Skonieczny

Andrzej adores all things LED, especially thermal management of LED units and lighting. Andrzej is based in Poland to better serve our Polish and continental clients.

Favourite product: Phase Change Material T-Sticks – TGPK27B and TGPK27P

You may contact any of our Team by emailing