Thermally Conductive Phase Change Material (PCM)

The TGPK27 Thermal Sticks are thermally conductive phase change materials which at room temperature are solid, but change phase to a liquid viscous form at 55°C. The material can wet surfaces effectively after the phase change which gives an extremely thin bond. Our T-Sticks are available in a convenient “glue stick” format for easy manual application to a vast selection of surfaces and interfaces. This exciting formulation offers an exceptionally low thermal resistance for transferring heat in the most demanding applications.


  • Optimized for superior thermal performance and enhanced component reliability
  • Provides intimate contact between mating surfaces for ultra-low thermal impedance
  • Extremely thin bond line for enhanced cooling
  • Significantly reduces junction thermal resistance
  • Manufacturing friendly form-factor which is solid at room temp
  • Improved reliability when compared to grease
  • Enhanced product reliability due to unique non-pump out formulation


  • Control units for electronics
  • LED lighting systems
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Air conditioning systems for cars
  • Powerwall – Photovoltaic cells
  • Stop/start systems
  • Controllers and inverters
  • Automobile alarm systems
  • Brakes, accelerators & temperature sensor systems