Notification of Material Part Numbers Change

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T-Global Technology is currently in the process of rationalising our part/material numbering system as part of the introduction of a new internal system. This will simplify our internal processes and also allow us to align all of our products under generic umbrella certifications.

The change will affect the part numbers of a number of our legacy products. Newer products that already utilise the “TG-Axxxx” format will not be affected. The materials are listed below by their old descriptors together with the new name that will be used in future. Please note that if the part is not included in this list the name will not be changed:

For the foreseeable future, we will have the ability to process orders using either the old or new part number but we would ask that, where possible, the new number is used. During the transition, datasheets and other documents will reflect both. We understand that this will result in some of our customers having to change the details on their internal systems, drawings etc. so we would ask that you disseminate this information to all appropriate people within your organisation and your supply chain.

For existing requirements, we understand if customers wish to continue using the old numbers in the short term, but we ask that for all new requirements the new numbers are used. Over a period of time, the old numbers will then be withdrawn. All new quotations will be provided using the new part numbers, accompanied by a copy of this notice for clarification.
If you require any further information, please contact us on +44 1455 553510, or

Duncan Bell
Managing Director

PDF Notice of Change of Material Part Number