Thermal Interface Materials – New products and EoL notice

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  • EOL notice: Thermal Interface Materials

The continued advancement of the technology industry has seen a sharp rise in market demands for improved thermal management solutions which often means that thermal interface materials are upgraded as new products and technologies are developed and brought to market.

Heat dissipation is a key area for many industries and manufacturers from a range of disciplines require higher performance products with increased conductivity, often coupled with the need for smaller components or surface areas to offer improved functionality, faster processing and extended life cycles.

In addition to improved performance, companies are also looking for more and more environmentally sustainable products and manufacturing processes.

T-Global Technology is committed to continually improving and developing its range of thermal interface materials to ensure our customers benefit from market leading solutions for their heat dissipation challenges and sustainability targets.

T-Global’s TG-A series is our latest product range which offers high performance alongside great value as well as being fully compliant with all industry-standard regulations and certifications. The TG-A series also benefits from a reduced carbon footprint by using more environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

The table below lists existing product lines which are now not recommended for new design, alongside our recommended alternatives including those from our new TG-A series:


Product NRND (EoL)Alternative
H48-6S Thermal Conductive PadTG-ALC /  GT10D
Li98 Thermal TapeTG-T1000
TG-AH482 Thermal Conductive PadTG-A20KXTG-A3500
H48-2K Thermal Conductive PadTG-ALC
TG-AH486 Thermal Conductive PadTG-A38KX / TG-A3500
H48-6A Thermal Conductive PadTG-A38KX
Li2000 Thermal TapeLi98C
Li2000A Thermal TapeLi98C
Li98P Thermal TapeLi98C
TG-A2030 Ultra Soft Thermal Conductive PadTG-A2200/TG-A3500
TG-A4040 Ultra Soft Thermal Conductive PadTG-A4500
TG-A404F Ultra Soft Thermal Conductive PadTG-A4500F
TG4040LC Ultra Soft Thermal Conductive PadTG-A4500F
TG-A6050 Ultra Soft Thermal Conductive PadTG-A6200
TG832 Ultra Soft Thermal Conductive PadTG-A6200
TGNSP36K Non-Silicone Putty TG-NSP35LV
TGNSP36K-1 Non-Silicone PuttyTG-NSP35LV
TG-A126X Ultra Soft Thermal Conductive PadTG-A1250
TG-AL373 Thermal Conductive PadTG-A20KF / TG-A3500
TG-NSP35 Non-Silicone Thermal PuttyTG-NSP35LV
TG-S606 Thermal CompoundS606C
Liv2 Thermal TapeTG-T1000
TG-A373L Thermal Conductive PadTG-A20KX
TG-A373S Thermal Conductive PadTG-A3500
TG-AL375 Thermal Conductive PadTG-A20KX
L37-5S Thermal Conductive PadTG-A3500
H48-6G Thermal Conductive PadTG-A6200/TG-A6200LC
TG-A373F Thermal Conductive PadGT10D / TG-A20KF / TG-ALC 
TG-PP-10 Silicone Thermal PuttyTG-A7000
GT Series Thermal Pad (GT15 / GT20 / GT30)GT10DTG-ALC / TG-A38KF / TG-A20KF
TG994 Thermal Conductive PadTG-A1250


Customers are advised that if their preferred product is listed above and is already being used in existing production lines to contact us for a repeat order and a member of our technical sales team will be more than happy to assist.