What is Thermal Putty?

TG-A7000 Thermal Putty

What is Thermal Putty?

Thermal putty is a thermal interface material (TIM) used to improve the heat transfer between a heat source and a heat sink. Thermal putty is a soft, mouldable material that can be used to fill gaps and uneven surfaces between the heat source and the heat sink. This helps to improve the thermal conductivity between the two surfaces and improves the efficiency of heat dissipation.

Thermal putty is either silicone based or non-silicone based and is used in a range of electronic devices, including computers and smartphones, where it aids heat dissipation from the processor or other heat-generating components. It can also be used in industrial equipment, vehicles and other applications which require effective heat dissipation. Non-silicone putties tend to have good stability and longevity compared to silicone formulas and are advisable in silicone sensitive applications, such as automotive and devices with optical components.

A key advantage of thermal putty is that it can be easily applied and moulded to fit a variety of shapes and surfaces. This makes thermal putty an attractive solution for applications with high mechanical tolerances, as the putty can easily adapt to the range of gaps it needs to fill. Thermal putty is also very well suited to high volume applications, where a dispensing machine can be used to apply the material to multiple heat source sites in one assembly operation, reducing the complexity of the design, bill of materials and the supply chain, and thus lowering overall cost. This makes it a versatile option for many applications where other TIMs may not be suitable.

Thermal putty is also known for its strong thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties. It also offers good resistance to thermal cycling and maintains strong levels of thermal conductivity after repeated heating and cooling cycles.

It’s worth noting that thermal putty does have some limitations, it can be messier to apply and more difficult to remove when compared to other types of TIMs, such as thermal pads or grease and it may not be suitable for all types of heat sinks or heat sources.

To summarise, thermal putty is an effective and versatile thermal interface material that is used to improve the thermal transfer between the heat source and heat sink. It is a soft, mouldable material that is used to fill gaps and uneven surfaces between the heat source and heat sink to improve the thermal conductivity between the two surfaces.

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