What are Thermoelectric Cooling Chips?

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A thermoelectric cooling chip (TEC) is also known as a thermoelectric module or Peltier device, is a solid-state device that utilises the Peltier effect of semiconductor materials to provide active cooling.

A direct current passes through the semiconductors in series of the thermoelectric cooling chip to form a couple where the two ends can absorb and release heat respectively to precisely control temperature.

When a voltage is applied across the thermoelectric module, an electric current flows through the connected semiconductor pairs. In the n-type semiconductor, electrons move from the hot side to the cold side, absorbing heat, while in the p-type semiconductor, electrons move in the opposite direction, releasing heat.

Thermoelectric cooling chips have no moving parts, making them reliable, quiet, and vibration-free compared to more traditional cooling methods like fans or pumps. They are also compact, making them suitable for applications with space constraints. These chips are also very versatile as they can be easily integrated into various systems and by controlling the magnitude and direction of the electric current, the chip allows precise temperature control, enabling both cooling and heating as needed. Since there are no moving parts, thermoelectric cooling chips require minimal maintenance and have a longer operational lifespan compared to more traditional fans or pumps.

Thermoelectric Cooling Chips can be found in a range of industries including:

Electronics Cooling

Used to cool high-performance electronic components such as CPUs, GPUs, and laser diodes. They ensure precise temperature control and prevent overheating, enhancing device performance and lifespan.

Medical Devices

Found in medical devices like blood analysers, DNA sequencers, and temperature-sensitive diagnostic equipment to maintain stable and controlled operating temperatures.

Automotive Climate Control

These chips can be integrated into automotive seats or cabin components to provide personalized climate control for passengers.

Food and Beverage Industry

They are a popular choice for portable coolers and temperature-controlled containers for the transportation and storage of perishable goods.

Aerospace Applications

Utilised in aircraft and satellites to manage temperature differentials in extreme environments.

In conclusion, a thermoelectric cooling chips offer solid-state, compact, and precise temperature control capabilities. Suitable for diverse applications, ranging from electronics cooling to medical devices, makes it a versatile solution for localised thermal management.

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