Dispensing & Applications

T-Global Technology offers high and low volume dispensing options for our thermal interface putties, ranging from simple syringes to high volume dispensing robots. T-Global Technology also offers comprehensive support and servicing for these turnkey systems.

Dispensing Machine

T-Global Technology’s flagship turnkey dispensing solution is the TGDM01. Both the machine and the thermal interface materials are cutting edge, providing significant time to market and cost of ownership advantages over competitors.

The machine is comprised of a powerful pump for use with Non-Silicone Putties, and a highly accurate and reliable robot dispensing system.

Full control of the system allows for precise delivery of the optimum product volume. Parameters such as flow rate, dispense time and orientation of the nozzle, ensure perfect thermal management every time.


Extrusion pump


Three Axis Robot


Dosing Controller

Dispensing Materials

T-Global Technology’s non-silicone putties (NSPs) boast a low cost of ownership over silicone based rivals, as well as other material advantages. Due to its fully cured nature and silicone free composition, NSPs are free from outgassing and are more suitable for use in sensitive electronics.

Its highly conformable nature means our putty is easily dispensed and re-worked reducing the overall cost of ownership. The malleability of the putties makes them perfectly suited to applications where component stress is important. Compressive force is low and resulting stresses in soldered joints and leads are minimised whilst resisting pumpout and drying, unlike thermal grease.

Suitable for gaps ranging from 0.25mm to 8mm, T-Global Technology putty is ideal for use where components are at various heights and need to be connected to one heat sink. It is also applicable for dispensing onto metal, ceramics or plastics.

High thermal conductivities up to 4.5W/mK make them highly suitable for demanding applications where large heat flow and low stress are important factors. NSPs are also non-conductive electrically and available in syringes of 30cc, 6oz &12oz cartridges and 5 gallon pails.







Dispensing Materials

With T-Global Technology’s dispensing, you get a turnkey solution for all your thermal management problems. After selecting the optimum product for your application (or designing a new product if one doesn’t exist) T-Global’s team will install the equipment and configure the process to optimise thermal management against time constraints.

Once up and running, T-Global will look after your process, performing agreed servicing to avoid stoppages. In the event that a stoppage does occur, our engineers are available for rapid response to resolve any issues.

This low cost of ownership solution is perfect for applications where a large volume of components need to be produced in an economic manner. Enquire now to see if you can take advantage of T-Global’s putties and dispensers.