TG-A4500F Ultra Soft Thermal Pad

TG-A4500F is one of our high performance silicone gap pads with a thermal conductivity of 4.0 W/mk. TG-A4500F is highly conformable and can be supplied in either standard sheets or custom die-cut parts. TG-A4500F is formulated to wet most surfaced and provides low thermal impedance for the most demanding of applications. It contains a fibreglass […]

TG-P100 Series Graphene

TG-P100 Series graphene sheets are electrically and thermally conductive interface pads which can be used to transfer heats in both the XY and Z planes effectively. TG-P100 Series can be supplied in various thicknesses and formats depending on the end application and is ideally suited for transferring heat from a large surface area. Features Ultra […]

TGPK27B T-Stick Blue – Phase Change Thermal Stick

TGPK27B is a light blue coloured, thermally conductive phase change (PCM) material. It is a solid at room temperature but changes phase at 55℃; which allows it to wet surfaces. TGPK27B is supplied in an easy to use format so that it can be manually applied to a wide range of surfaces. The unique formulation […]