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How to… Remove Adhesive from a Heatsink for Reuse

What is Hardness anyway?

The first of our ‘Did You Know?’ series, we try to explain the scales used to measure it with our short explanation “What is Hardness anyway?” When selecting a material based on hardness for thermal management, it is important to understand and appreciate the differences in these scales so that a material with the desired properties is selected.

Overview of Thermal Management

Why do we need Thermal Management? As power density and complexity increases in electronic devices, the amount of heat also increases. If this heat is not managed in an appropriate manner, then this can lead to reduced lifetimes and product failures.

Thermal Management of Electronics Devices

Most electronic such as power transistors, CPUs and power diodes produce a significant amount of heat and measures may be necessary to take account of this in order to prolong their working life and increase reliability.

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