TG-NSP35LV Thermal Putty


TG-NSP35LV Thermal Putty is a one-part, fully cured non-silicone gap filler with has been designed to reduce the time to market and overall cost of ownership for production processes. TG-NSP35LV is provided fully cured, ready for dispensing which gives a significantly simpler design process and allows products to be brought to market with reduced lead-times. This product is also ideally suited for automation and T-Global offers complete turn-key solution to support this. This product provides a low thermal impedance, when compared to traditional gap filler, for a wide range of gaps, which allows a greater degree of design flexibility to be achieved. TG-NSP35LV Thermal Putty is reliability proven under conditions of thermal cycling, shock and vibration, and deflects easily under low pressures which decreases stress on fragile or delicate components.

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