TGPK27B T-Stick Blue - Phase Change Thermal Stick

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TGPK27B is a light blue coloured, thermally conductive phase change (PCM) material. It is a solid at room temperature but changes phase at 55℃; which allows it to wet surfaces. TGPK27B is supplied in an easy to use format so that it can be manually applied to a wide range of surfaces. The unique formulation gives and exceptionally low thermal resistance for heat transfer in the most demanding of applications.

Designed to maximize heat sink performance and improve component reliability
Displaces entrapped air between power-dissipating electronic components
Bond Line Thickness (BLT) of 0.0254mm
Practically no thermal contact resistance due to a very small thermal resistance path
Solid at room temperature for ease of application
Consistently and cleanly applied as dry pads to a heat sink or component surface
Resistant to dry out and pump out

Dissipation of heat in electronic devices is a critical and ever growing need as circuit
board power densities continue to rise. To address this need, this product can be
easily and cleanly applied in a wide variety of electronics thermal interface material
requirements where the heatsink is being attached with hardware. With a very thin
bondline of down to 0.0254mm, it is able to reduce the overall thermal resistance
from the component to the heatsink. This keeps the components cooler which allows
the electrical device to perform better. TGPK27B is not be used as an electrically
insulative product.

REACH Compliant
ROHS Compliant

Thermal Conductivity
Type of Product
Phase Change Material
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