TGVC-106-70-25.5-01 Vapour Chamber

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TGVC-106-70-25.5-01 vapour chamber is an innovative passive thermal management component used in applications with very high heat densities. Using the physical effect of phase change between liquid and gas, these devices provide extremely low thermal resistances in both the XY and Z planes. TGVC-106-70-25.5-01 vapour chamber offers superior thermal performance as heat spreaders over metal and ceramic alternatives and are also lighter and thinner.

Excellent XY conduction (heat spreading)
Passive component with high stability (reliable)
Very low thermal resistance

Best for high power applications
Electronic components: IC, CPU, MOS, LED, Motherboard, Power Supply, Heat Sink,
LCD TV, Notebook, PC, Telecom Device, Wireless Hub, etc.
DDR II Module, DVD Applications, Hand-set applications, etc.

Type of Product
Vapour Chamber
Thermal Resistance
≤ 0.210
Operation Power
L: 56mm / W: 56mm / T: 3.0mm