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T-Global offers expert advice and technical information in our Resource Centre. You will find a selection of useful data and tools to assist you in understanding our products and solutions. You will also find useful information about thermal management and the products, solutions and considerations to help you better understand the subject.

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T-Global Technology offers high and low volume dispensing options for our thermal interface putties, ranging from simple syringes to high volume dispensing robots. Read more about our Dispensing Solutions offer.

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Compression Gap Filler Calculator

This application will calculate the compression percentage of our sheet materials when given the following:

1. Sheet Thickness 2. Sheet Tolerance 3. Nominal Gap 4. Gap Tolerance
  INPUT   Sheet NominalSheet MinimumSheet Maximum
Enter sheet thickness   GAP Comp%Comp%Comp%
Sheet Tolerance ±  Nominal%%%
Enter Nominal Gap  Minimum%%%
Enter Gap Tolerance ±  Maximum%%%

Nominal Compression %      
Minimum Compression %      
Maximum Compression %